When: Tuesday, April 27, 2021 6:00pm – 8:30pm
Where: https://gather.town/app/GZCYKIqfvcaC8P8k/C3Showcase

Zoom link for Welcome & Instructions + Art/Research Talks: https://smu.zoom.us/j/98350037340?pwd=N3N4L2gyZDFBSmZDV0FBV1kzZEt6dz09

Click to see C3 Showcase Spring 2021 Programme + Schedule of Events
5:30p – Gather.town opens to the public
6:00-6:15p – Welcome – On Zoom
6:15-6:45p – Meet the Artist Session 1 – On Gather.town
6:45-7:15p – Meet the Artist Session 2- On Gather.town
7:15-7:45p – Meet the Artist Session 3- On Gather.town
7:45p – Artist/Research Talks – On Zoom
10:00p – Gather.town closes

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Preview of a gather.town space
Preview of a gather.town space

The Creative Computation Showcase presents work by students in the Center of Creative Computation, and features interdisciplinary crossovers of the digital with art, music, dance, game design and more. The event includes student presentations of their interactive art installations, performances, video games, computer music and interactive dance. Students will present their work via virtual poster and meet-the-artist sessions, as well as artist talks, virtual performances and exhibitions. Audience members are encouraged to ask questions, give feedback, and interact with the artists, musicians and technologists.