Virtual Hack-a-thon Art-a-thon, March 5, 2020, 2p-6p
2-2:30p Welcome + Instructions!
2:30-5:30p Coding and Art-making!
5:30-6p Group Presentations + Awards
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Zoom Passcode: 829188
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The Hack-a-thon Art-a-thon is an event that combines coding and art-working into one competitive event. Students work in teams to create an interactive artwork via coding and software response to a given prompt. At the end, each team presents their work — which can take the form of video games, short films/video, animations, music, or interactive work — in response to a specific theme. The works are then judged and prizes are given out to audience favorites and works that are judged to respond best to the given theme. We invite members of the general public to watch the presentation and ceremony of the event!

THEME: Arts for the Post-Pandemonium

TASK:  Create a work of art (or music or video game or other creative endeavor) responding to the prompt: art for the post-pandemic world. Post-pandemonium, if you will. Some part of the creation of the artwork should involve coding, but by no means all aspects. In fact, we expect the use of various types of creative software and other art-making and music-making activities.

1. Students on the winning team will each receive $50 gift certificate to
2. Participants all can receive a free Hackathon Post-Pandemonium 2021 t-shirt that will be available for pickup at our location at Meadows School of the Arts a few weeks after the event. We can hold t-shirts for (remote) returning students until the fall, but unfortunately we cannot ship them directly to different locations.

JUDGES: You will be judged mostly by your peers. Each student (and audience member) can vote once for a team that is not their own. 

GROUP ASSIGNMENTS — Note: these are no longer accurate– check the Slack.

Leader: Matthieu Legagneur
Sarah Mulcahey (will arrive @ 3p)
Maria Archundia
Piper Kopser
Enad Shalabi
Sam Walsh
Chase Hall

Leader: Kish Parikh
Emily Adamson
Annabelle Corcoran (may be late, likely coming in @ 2:30p)
Wardah Alvi
Cole Voyles
Evan Stewart

Leader: Natasha Schmid
Yuhang Liu
David Reichel
Julia Burnett
Daniel Tao
Mariana Midolo

Leader: Kale Wicks
Wardah Alvi
Trey Schroder
Niko Radovan
Matt Martinez
Zaid Benyacoub

Leader: Yungcheng (Arthur) Zhang
Sam Zimmerman
Wren Lee (will be attending 2-3p, 5-6p)
Adam Wu
Marcus Smith
Sarah Scambray
Lorien Averlein Alvar

Leader: Madison Leyens
Xuting Zhao
Jorge Rivera-Torres
Alex Williams
Mariana Midolo
Madeline Duran

Leader: Angelina Wang
Ellie Ruan
Matthew Grover
Claire Brandenberger
Venilla Natarajan
Jose Martinez

Leader: Riley Scanlan
Eric Houtman
Michael Then
Maggie Cruse (arriving @ 3p)
Grayson Kenedi
Eduardo Rodriguez-Pina
Huiling Liu

Leader: Nikita Kulkarni
Evan Stewart
Kevin Leong
Trey Schroder
Izzy Irion
London Kasper