Mickey Ferris Wheel
Riley Scanlan

Click on the window to select the project. Then, press the ‘j’ key on the keyboard to make the people jump and any other key to make them stop.

Read more about Riley’s project.

Under the Sea
Alexis Farmen

A depiction of a coastal ecosystem. Press the mouse inside the window to move the crab back and forth.

Flappy Bird
Aubrey Abrams

Click inside the window to start the game. Then, click the mouse to make the bird jump and avoid the obstacles.

Payton White

A depiction of an underwater ecosystem.

Read more about Payton’s project.

Flappy Face
Jorge Edgardo Rivera Torres

Click “start” to begin the game. Click inside the window to make the character jump and avoid the obstacles.

Read more about Jorge’s project.

Drawing Relaxation 
Ethan Rios

Click inside the window to draw and use the keyboard as directed in the printed instructions to navigate your user experience. Click “A” to get more detailed instructions. Once playing, you can draw in the window using the mouse.

Read more about Ethan’s project.