Friday, October 29, 4.00-5.00p

Meeting ID: 981 5716 9543

Philip Van Keuren

Philip Van Keuren has been making photographs for many years. His images are prompted by everyday observations that reveal the world as sublimely beautiful while simultaneously unknowable. With a keen interest in seeing his images realized as photogravures, Van Keuren contacted Manneken Press in 2009 to make photogravure plates from several of his original 35mm negatives. In 2016, Van Keuren and Manneken Press co-published ten of the photogravure prints for Volume I of “Toward What Sun?”, the first of four planned volumes of editions.

Burke Jam
Burke Jam’s practice engages acoustic ecology, the Anthropocene, and the politics of sound and perception. Jam’s research is centered in field-recording; utilizing ambisonic, ultrasonic, and infrasonic recording techniques. His works explore possibilities of sound as experiential and immersive media by way of multichannel audio installations, site responsive installation, and generative coding and synthesis for live performance. Jam has worked as a United States Forest Service Smokejumper, working directly with forest and fire ecology ranging from Northwest Alaska to the US/Mexican Border. He has recently published work with Kesh Recordings (Cambridge, UK), Room40 (Brisbane, AU), and Fallen Moon Recordings (Chicago, IL).